君も博士になれる展 _ Kimimo hakaseni nareruten
I designed and directed the fixtures and signboards for the TV Asahi "Sandwich Man & Ashida Mana" event "You Can Be a Doctor". As a measure against corona, we designed furniture that includes acrylic plates, furniture that considers the progress of notebook making, and exhibition panels that can be customized according to children.
Today at Apple
I was the instructor of the creator session held at Apple. I gave a lecture on the theme of "Create and move 3D characters". In the first half of the session, we talked about the usual design work and the original toy brand NEON TOYS.
OKAKI FARM_Shine muscat package のコピー
I designed the Shine Muscat package of Okaki Farm in Suzaka City, Nagano Prefecture. I made a "grain sale" package from the idea that "I want you to eat high-quality Shine Muscat easily". It is a specification that holds one by one so that the Muscat is not scratched during transportation. The material is a cardboard material with a high recycling rate, and it is a deplasticized package that does not use plastics or adhesives.
Chicabi_Award Trophy
Designed the annual MVP trophy for Chicabi. The motif is a cow from a ranch run by Chicabi. We have made it possible to view successive winner credits by scanning the QR code.
KAGO_self project
Precise cutting produces the delicate pattern of the basket. It is reminiscent of craftwork such as elaborate and familiar cutlery and knitting. The combination of aluminum's unique lightness, strength, and precision processing such as craftwork creates a new value and fresh design.
ONICA_Portable display furnitures
Designed a display for the knit brand ONICA that was exhibited at CIFF in Copenhagen. This display combines various materials such as wood, 3D printed parts and EVA sponge tops.
コーヒー抽出の世界大会WORLD BREWERS CUP 2016でチャンピオンに輝いた粕谷哲さんが手がけるコーヒーブランド「PHILOCOFFEA 」の看板類をデザインしました。
Designed the signboards for the coffee brand "PHILOCOFFEA" launched by Tetsu Kasuya, the champion at the World Coffee Extraction World Competition WORLD BREWERS CUP 2016.
Designed a trophy for the RecoChoku Award. A trophy that reflects the colors of the brand applied to the bottom surface and reflects them at various angles, giving a diversified appearance.
Label printer for healthcare
Designed a label printer for the medical field.
Label printer
Designed a label printer with a large LCD touch panel.
TWO THIRDS_Insect dressing
昆虫食界のイノベーターである篠原祐太さん率いるチーANTCICADA(アントシカダ)と木本考紀さん率いるKokuhaku Inc. が立ち上げた昆虫ドレッシング「TWO THIRDS」のブランドデザインをさせていただきました。
Designed an insect dressing “TWO THIRDS” brand launched by Kokuhaku Inc. and ANTCICADA led by insect food innovator Yuta Shinohara.
AXIS Magazine_Concept Design
Designed an insect dressing bottle in an interview with Yuta Shinohara, an insect food innovator. Inspired by the story that "caterpillars grown in a cherry tree taste like cherry blossoms", flavors are expressed in trees where insects have grown, such as sakura and daidai.
FUWA Cutlery
"FUWA" is a brand born in Tarui-cho, Fuwa-gun, Gifu. Designed a cutlery with a pattern of history and landscape.
Ploom TECH_Case
Ploom TECH [CROSS THE BORDER]のケースをデザインしました。1本ずつ収納でき、ディスプレイできるケースです。
I designed the case of Ploom TECH [CROSS THE BORDER]. A case that can be stored and displayed one by one.
「WE ARE LITTLE ZOMBIES」の劇中で使われているポケットゲーム機のデザイン設計をしました。
Designed a pocket game machine used in the play of "WE ARE LITTLE ZOMBIES".
THERMAL SPA S.WAVE_key bracelet
大磯プリンスホテルに新設したスパ施設「THERMAL SPA S.WAVE」で使用されるロッカーのキーブレスレットをデザインしました。
Designed a locker key bracelet for use at the spa facility "THERMAL SPA S.WAVE" at Oiso Prince Hotel.
3DHaptics NAVI
Designed a navigation device that utilizes 3DHaptics.
VR goggles that allow you to set a smartphone and adjust the focal position to enjoy virtual reality.
Automatic labeling machine
Designed an automatic labeling machine used at logistics sites.
MISAWA HOME × KDDI_Damage evaluation meter
Damage assessment meter that measures the damage situation of buildings when an earthquake occurs. Simple and operable design.
Folding helmet for disaster prevention used when evacuation in case of disaster occurs. It is usually folded and stored in a compact space, and when used it can be assembled into a helmet shape just by pulling the string.
A learning audio player that plays sounds when you touch the "voice mark" of the teaching material with a pen. It is easy to hold with a pen and can be easily operated by small children.
Automatic date stamp that automatically adjusts the date / month / day to the set date. Updates at the set time, preventing incorrect dates.
Outdoor kitchen tools
Outdoor kitchen tools for girls. Designed a kitchen tool that can be used widely from picnics to outdoors.
Kitchen knife
特殊精密接合( ろう付け) の技術を利用した刃は波紋の美しいコントラストが映えます。ハンドルは白合板を採用し流麗なデザイン性を表現しました。
The blade using the brazing technology shines a beautiful contrast of ripples. The handle is designed with white plywood.
木製パーツを立体的に組み合わせたスツール。 構造体として機能しながら、軽やかで魅力的な表情を生み出すことを意識してデザインしました。ネジや釘を使わないことを想定しており、環境に優しいデザインです。
A stool that combines wooden parts in three dimensions. Designed to create a light and attractive expression while functioning as a structure. Eco-friendly design by not using screws and nails.
会津の桐の上品さ、風合いを味わう桐のクッション。 2 7 2 個の桐のピースが中のクッション覆い、座った時に身体の形状に合うようデザインしました。
The paulownia cushion that feels the elegance and texture of Aizu paulownia. 272 paulownia parts cover the inside cushion and are designed to match the shape of the body when sitting down.
Champagne Stage
When the glass is placed, the sensor reacts and the LED in the center lights up. The champagne stage is designed to illuminate the champagne bubbles beautifully.
Championship trophy display
明治安田生命 Jリーグチャンピオンシップの優勝シャーレの展示台です。透明素材とミラー素材でピッチが映り込むようにデザインしました。
Meiji Yasuda Seimei J-League Championship Champion Petri's display. Designed to reflect the pitch with transparent and mirror materials.
Designed an exhibition booth decorated with artificial grass in the shape of a box.
Amusement machine scanner
Amusement machine scanner. Designed a dragon-shaped scanner that plays by scanning bar codes on card games.
Transformation Toy
Designed a toy that transforms into a monster when you slash a medal.
Original toy brand. Plan, design and sell toys and goods using various approaches using 3D printers.